Request for C-suite Executives’ Participation in a Doctoral Research Online Focus Group Discussion on C-Suite Leadership for Advancing Corporate Sustainability Performance in Nigeria

I’m a Doctorate of Business Administration candidate at Business School Lausanne, conducting research on how C-suite executives’ leadership fosters the advancement of Corporate Sustainability Performance (CSP) in Nigeria-based organisations.

Since the exigencies of the current Covid-19 pandemic limit face-to-face contacts, I would like to conduct online focus group discussion with C-suite executives to obtain a richer understanding of how C-suite executives provide leadership to advance CSP in Nigeria.

Hence, I solicit the help of C-suite executives of Nigeria-based organisations as participants in an online focus group discussion with C-suite executives, that will take about 90 minutes.

Interested participants who would like to provide valuable insight into this study and contribute to knowledge and practice of C-suite leadership of CSP advancement, should please feel free to contact me at: for us to work out the details and timing.

#leadership #sustainability #research #topmanagement #csuiteexecutives #corporatesustainabilityperformance

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